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  • Curved Handle Hand Scratch Wire Brush

    FLX C190 Product Information

    FLX C190

    These Hand Scratch Wire Brushes are densely filled with Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Wire. The Kiln-dried hardwood allows for maximum tuft retention and the wire fill is staple-set to ensure long brush life.

    Part Number


    • FLX C1970 3 x 19 Stainless Steel Wire Brush
    • FLX C1960 4 x 19 Carbon Steel Wire Brush

    Use With

    • All Types of Metal


    • Cleaning & More...
    • Conditioning

    No MSDS

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    Product Tier

    Specialist Product Tier

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  • Lenox Gold Utility Blades

    LEN 2035 Product Information

    LEN 2035

    These blades last longer than others, they have a high speed edge with a titanium coating keeping them cutting after others have quit. A pattented bi-metal construction allows them to bend and flex without shattering or breaking. These blades fit all standard utility knives and their four notch design allows the blade to extend further for deeper cuts.

    Part #


    LEN 20350-GOLD5C5 Blade Package
    LEN 20351-GOLD50D50 Blade Package
    LEN 20352-GOLD100D100 Blade Package

    Ideal For

    • Drywall & Insulation
    • Flooring, Roofing & More

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  • Lenox T2 Technology Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade

    LEN 2014 Product Information

    LEN 2014

    The new T2 Technology blade design delivers 100% longer blade life versus the prior generation of Lenox Hacksaw Blades. That's twice the life in one blade. In addition, the Bi-Metal construction of these blades allow them to bend and flex without breaking, creating a shatter-resistant product.

    Part #

    TPI Teeth Per Inch



    LEN 20143-V214EH1412" x 1/2"Wood & Metal
    LEN 20140-V018EH1810" x 1/2"Heavy Metal
    LEN 20144-V218EH1812" x 1/2"
    LEN 20141-V024EH2410" x 1/2"Medium Metal
    LEN 20145-V224EH2412" x 1/2"
    LEN 20142-V032EH3210" x 1/2"Thin Metal
    LEN 20146-V232EH3212" x 1/2"

    Cuts Through

    • Black & Copper Pipe
    • Hardened Steel
    • Threaded Rod & Rebar
    • Unistrut® & More...


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    *Product may not be exactly as shown in photo.