Semi-Rigid Nylon 6 Tube

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FAI 486

This tube has high mechanical properties, extremely high pressure rating and a wide temperature range. The loss of mechanical strength at elevated temperatures is much less than with other types of plastic tube. It retains its flexibility at sub-zero temperatures. It is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, fungus and corrosion resistant, readily sterilized in steam or boiling water. Nylon has excellent chemical resistance being unaffected by gasoline, oils, greases, and organic solvents. Lighter than metal, it makes for ease in handling and installing. Used with nylon fittings, it provides a completely corrosion resistant tube system. This tube is not recommended for use with strong mineral acids, strong oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide, bleach solutions, phenols and creosols.

Part Number


  • FAI 486-2-100 1/8" Tube O.D.
  • FAI 486-2-1/2-100 5/16" Tube O.D.
  • FAI 486-3-100 3/16" Tube O.D.
  • FAI 486-4-100 1/4" Tube O.D.
  • FAI 486-5-100 5/16" Tube O.D.
  • FAI 486-6-100 3/8" Tube O.D.
  • FAI 486-8-100 1/2" Tube O.D.

Use With

  • Copper & Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic Tube & More…


  • Water & Air
  • Beverage & Soda Transfer
  • Oil & More…





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Polyethylene tube is manufactured from F.D.A. approved resins. It has very low moisture absorption. It is fungus resistant, non-corrosive, and highly resistant to stress cracking. It is available in two types, low and high density. Low density provides flexibility and high density, while not as flexible, has a higher temperature and pressure rating.

Check all tube prior to installation for defects, kinking and discoloration which could be an indication of old age. The few moments it takes is well worth it. Make nice clean 90 degree cuts for ease of installation and to improve seal. Use brass inserts in tube when using compression style fittings to stop tube collapse. Always check for leaks on completion.

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